Pulmonary Department
General Information
Department Name Pulmonary
Date of Establishment 1999
Number of Beds 16
Number of Admissions per year
Staff Department Number 8 nurses
Average Life-Span of Department Equipment 1-3 year(s)
Medical Information
Average Stay Per Patient 1 to 4 day(s)
Average Number of Nurses Per Bed 0.5 nurse / bed
Number of Doctors in the Department 3
Countries of Doctors’ Specialization
France, Belgium...
Accreditations By OPCV
Malpractice Insurance Contract for Doctors Available
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Location • 3rd floor
Nb. of rooms • 8 rooms
• 2 isolated rooms
Capacity • 16 patients per day
Equipment • 2 sources of oxygen
• 2 oxymetres connected to a central station
Services • Our doctors visit their patients twice daily
• Pneumologists are on call at anytime
• Resident doctor is always available
Awareness • Booklets anti-tobacco distributed to the patients
  and their families
Future Projects
• Pulmonary laser (for the tracheal dilatation and
  the bronchial tumor resection)
• Rigid Fibroscopy
• Mediastinoscopy
• Plethysmography
• Bronchography
• Two pediatric respirators
• Scintigraphy of ventilation and of pulmonary
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