Nursing Department
Number of nurses • 80 registered nurses
• 120 practical nurses
Job position • Nurses are assigned to their jobs in function of their qualifications and experience as well as the work load
• For example, in the intensive care units, one nurse takes care of one or two patients
Degrees • A large number of the nurses are pursuing higher degrees in emergency care, intensive care, operating room and cardiology
Motivation • A high quality of the nursing care is the essential objective that motivates all the nurses
Objective • Continuous improvement is our everyday objective
Training • To enhance our performance, continuous training is applied
A major training and education program has been established to all the nursing personnel
Teams • To involve all the nurses, different working teams have been created
• Each team works on different task, does research to collect new information, and then works on the implementation
• A lot of the improvements that have been realized so far, are being monitored by quality indicators, and are being measured multiple times a year
• Client satisfaction is one of these indicators and we have realized great results.
Health & Safety • At KGH, we care about the health of our personnel
• Training and education for fire safety, work safety (blood and biological exposures, prevention of back pathology…) are periodically performed
• Vaccination, biological and radiological tests are made to insure that all our personnel are in good health.
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