Neuphrology Department
General Information
Department Name Nephrology-Dialysis Center
Date of Establishment May 1995
Number of Beds 9
Number of Admissions per year
Staff Department Number 12 nurses
Average Life-Span of Department Equipment 1 year
Medical Information
Average Stay Per Patient 1 day
Average Number of Nurses Per Bed 1 nurse / bed
Number of Doctors in the Department 2
Countries of Doctors’ Specialization
Accreditations By OPCV
Malpractice Insurance Contract for Doctors Available
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Date of establishment • May1995
Head of the dept. • Dr. Joseph Kassouf
Assistant • Dr. Elie Najjar
Location • 3rd floor
Team • Two Nephrologists
• Six highly specialized nurses
• Six practical nurses
• A biomedical engineer
• A secretary
Equipment • 15 Gambro AK90 dialysis machines
Divisions • A secretarial office with a specialized secretary
• Dialysis center
Achievements • First dialysis center in the Bekaa
With the opening of Khoury General Hospital, after many hesitations of other hospitals in the region and the incapability of the Maalakat governmental hospital to satisfy the need for a dialysis department, the first ever nephrology department was created in May 1995 with the help of H.E. Nicolas Khoury and the only nephrologists in the region, Dr. Joseph Kassouf.

Recently, this center has become one the most modern in the country. It contains high standard, exceptional water filtering, reverse osmosis, sterilization.

It all started with nine Gambro AK90 Dialysis machines chosen for their simple use, their mechanism and their easy maintenance.

At first, we served around fifteen patients who were covered by the many third parties (CNSS, army, etc.). In October 1995, a contract with the Ministry of Health gave the hospital permission to increase the number of patients to around 45 including patients with all types of nephrology related illnesses.


The rate of activity stayed the same until 2001, where, even with the opening of other centers in the region, there was a demand for more treatments which led to increasing the number of dialysis machines to fifteen in all and a capacity of treating over 60 patients.
The center insures a liable treatment which includes a morning and an afternoon session with all types of emergency 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

After having renewed all the dialysis machines with new ones in 2002, we are now proceeding to change the water treatment to insure bicarbonate fluid for all dialysis.

Within the hospital, the nephrology department works in close collaboration with all the other departments.
Also the hospital has the capacity to accept new patients from residents of the region to merely visitors.
Dialysis machine Gambro AK90
Patient Patient and nurse Patient and nurse
Dialysis center Dialysis center
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