Cardiology Department
General Information
Department Name Intesive Care Unit (ICU)
Date of Establishment 1993
Number of Beds 10
Number of Admissions per year
Staff Department Number 20 nurses
Average Life-Span of
Department Equipment
1 year
Medical Information
Average Stay Per Patient 2 to 5 days
Average Number of Nurses Per Bed 1 nurse / bed
Number of Doctors in the Department 10
Countries of Doctors’ Specialization
France, Canada, USA…
Accreditations By OPCV
Number of Rare Cases Treated 4
Malpractice Insurance Contract for Doctors Available
Head of the dept. • Dr. Khalil Kadri
Location • 6th 7 th Floor
Divisions • A secretarial office with a specialized secretary
• Post surgical surveillance unit (CCU – cardiac unit)
• Non-invasive diagnosis center
• Cat Lab
Team • Ten cardiologist
• 7 professional registered nurses
• 9 practical experienced nurses
Equipment • 20 beds – each of them connected to a monitor and all together to a central screen station
Achievements • First Catheterizing Lab in the region
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• Cardiologists
• Secretary
• Certified Nurse
• 2 echocardiography colored machines (Panasonic & Sigma IRIS)
• Colored echo Doppler for the arteries
• diagnostic equipment for trans-esophagi
• A holter for arythmia & for arterial blood
• A treadmill Marquette with ECG for
the stress test
• Invasive cardiologists
• 4 technicians
• 1 specialized head nurse
• The Catheterism table is fully equipped with GE’s
high tech equipment
• It also serves for a peripheral angiography
Cardiologists • Dr. Khalil Kadri
• Dr. Toni Ibrahim
• Dr. Mounir Riachi
• Dr. Michel Fattouch
• Dr. Assem Araji
• Dr. Michel Saliba
• Dr. Omar Abd El Sater
• Dr. Toni Skaff
• Dr. Youssef Najm
• Dr. Helfego Tabet
Profile • More than 1300 coronagraphs & angioplasties are performed & controlled in this laboratory per year
Remark • Any decision taken to proceed with a surgery or an angioplasty is only taken after a thorough analysis & unanimous decision
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