Open Heart Department
General Information
Department Name Open Heart Surgery
Date of Establishment 1996
Number of Beds 17
Number of Admissions per year
Staff Department Number 37 nurses
Average Life-Span of Department Equipment 6 years
Medical Information
Average Stay Per Patient 7 days
Average Number of Nurses Per Bed 1 nurse / bed
Number of Doctors in the Department 3 (2 surgeons, 1 physician)
Countries of Doctors’ Specialization
France, Canada…
Accreditations By OPCV
Number of Rare Cases Treated 3
Malpractice Insurance Contract for Doctors Available
Date of establishment • December 1, 1995
Head of the dept. • Dr. Nagib ASSI
Anesthesiologist & Reanimator (CSU) • Dr. Tanios MAKHOUL
Location • 7th floor
Divisions • A secretarial office with a specialized secretary
• An Operating Room unit (OR)
• A Cardiac Surgery unit (CSU)
• Post surgical surveillance unit (CCU – cardiac unit)
Achievements • First two cases of heart transplant in the Bekaa
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Steps for the
• Diagnosis
• Preparation of patient in the CCU or in the ICU the night before the operation
• The operation is scheduled by the surgeon and the anesthesiologist
• The patient is transferred to the Open-Heart operating room
• The Operation
• The anesthetized patient is transferred to the CSU escorted by the anesthesiologist, the anesthesia technician, and the registered nurses
• Continuous monitoring of vital signs
• Once in the CSU, the patient is welcomed by 2 certified nurses and the practical nurse on duty
• After 24 to 72 hours in the CSU (depending on the situation of the patient) the patient is then transferred to the CCU
OR • Dr. Najib ASSI (chief surgeon)
• Dr.Jean Abi YOUNESS (assistant surgeon)
• Dr. Tanios MAKHOUL (anesthesiologist - reanimator)
• Anesthesia technician
• Perfusionist
• 3 Registered nurses
• Surgeon technician
• Practical nurse
CSU • 9 certified nurses
• 4 practical nurses
CCU • 7 certified nurses
• 9 practical Nurses
OR • The department is equipped with
 - Anesthesia machine
 - Operation table
 - Machine for CEC (Extra corporal circulation)
 - Intra-aortic Balloon
• Trans-esophageal echocardiogram
• Defibrillator
• Two monitors for permanent surveillance.
• External pace maker for temporary usage
• Portable monitor for the patient.
• Portable respirator
CSU • The CSU is equipped to handle 6 patients each patient is connected to a central scope which guarantees adequate monitoring
• External pace Maker
• Defibrillator
• Halted blankets or warm touch
• 4 respirators
CCU • Scopes connected to a central monitor
• Defibrillator
• Resuscitation table is provided for each unit
Operation Operation Operation Operation Operation Operation
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