1-Operation rooms
The department is composed of three rooms equipped by an ultra modern apparatus (table, orthopedic table, two microscopes, multiple memory Radioscope, etc...). Recovery room containing three beds.
2-Intensive care department
Its capacity of accommodation is of
12 beds with independent monitoring, respirator for adult and child.
This department is equipped by last apparatuses born to answer the
Criteria of this unit.
3-Radiology department
Comprise eight rooms, an independent
secretariat, a large waiting room. Conventional radiology with its remote-controlled table, the densitometry, the mammography, the panoramic dental one, cardic echography with echodopler and the spiral CT scan are the pride of this department which set it at the level of the most modern department.
Comprise two rooms for childbirth completely equipped in addition to a large room for the incubators. This service is independent and is located at the 5th floor with a capacity of accommodation of 12 beds.
5-The Emergency service
Opened 24H/ on 24 provides direct access to the outside by a large and independent passageway served by 3 ambulances completely equipped, it comprises 4 parts reserved for the urgent care and small surgery.
6-General laboratory and
blood bank
Completely renovated in 2001 its surface exceeds 200m and is divided into four
Independent departments:
- The laboratory of bacteriology.
- The laboratory of chemistry
- The blood bank.
- The laboratory of anatomy pathology: the first installed in Bekaa
7-External clinics
Ten parts completely equipped providing facilities and wellbeing to the doctors and patients of the hospital. The service comprises several waiting rooms and an
independent secretariat. This service has also an access to the cafeteria of the hospital, placing it at the disposal of the people.
8-Service of Cardiac surgery
Opened in 1995, this service is the only one in Bekaa. Two surgeons and two anesthetists work there full-time 24h/24.
On average they make 250 open heart operations per year and the most outstanding fact since the opening of this service is the realization of a heart transplant on the 19.18.2002 with total success until now.
9-Service of Renal dialysis
Equipped with modern equipments, 12
machines of dialysis, the service helps many patients to be transported to Beirut for meetings of periodic Renal dialysis.
10-The cardiac center of Catheterisme and Angioplastie
which functions also 24h /24, is equipped with an ultra modern apparatus.
11-Service of podiatrist
With a unit of intensive care
Neo-Natalogic and 4 incubators.
14-Service of physiotherapy
Its mission is the functional rehabilitation of the body organs so that it can, by the help of massages and physical exercising, to win again its normal state.
12-Hospitalization rooms
Associate the following criteria:
- Roomy and Excellent lighting.
- Isolated from the outside by a
   double Wall.
- Air-Conditioned.
-Individual Living room or corner rest.
All these criteria classify the hospitalization at KHOURY HOSPITAL among the best in LEBANON.
Is the center of storage and of distribution for all the hospital, this is carried out by a computerized system connected to all the services concerned. It is managed by a pharmacist on the spot.